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floating beaads,microsphere raw material resources and advanced production technology,

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floating beaads,microsphere raw material resources and advanced production technology,

Good Quality floating beaads,microsphere     raw material resources and advanced production technology, Sales

Large Image :  floating beaads,microsphere raw material resources and advanced production technology,

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1. Excellent heat insulation effect: because of the drift beads hollow sphere structure that makes it fills in the coating has excellent thermal insulation effect;

2. Luster control: as a kind of filler, the role of drift beads can reduce gloss, even
In the case of high amount, they can also eliminate the increase in viscosity caused by ordinary matting agent.

3. The inertia: drift beads composed of inert ingredients, thus has excellent durability, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;

4. Opacity: the hollow spherical of drift beads slow fire and scattering light, as a result, increased the covering power of coating.

5. No silicon metal pollution: unlike other packing, drift beads in crystalline silicon content below the level of no harm. Such drift beads were not as carcinogens, also do not need special hazard warning sign.

6. High solid industrial coatings: low viscosity, high addition amount, reducing VOC, improving hardness, luster control, increase abrasion resistance, can be sprayed, reduce the cost.

7. Water soluble paint industry: increase the solid content, reduce the membrane permeability, enhance the corrosion resistance, hardness, inertia, wear resistance, control luster, reduce the cost;

8. Heat insulation, heat preservation, fireproofing coatings: high temperature resistant, flame retardant, heat insulation effect is good;

9. Maintenance coating, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, durability, wear resistance, low permeability of the coating, high content of low cost.

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