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Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing

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Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing

Good Quality Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing Sales

Large Image :  Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing


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SOLVENT DYES for plastic, carbon paper, printing


Quick Details

Name: solvent dyes


Colour: red yellow green black blue brown orange Appearance: Powder / granular
Usage:plastic,carbon paper, printing

Expiration Date:36 months


Strength: 50%-200%




Solvent dye is a dye which is soluble in an organic solvent and is mostly introduced in the form of a solution in an organic solvent.

Dyes are generally defined along the lines of being coloured, aromatic compounds that can ionise. One class of dyes is an exception to this. These colours by dissolving in the target material, which is invariably a lipid or non-polar solvent. The Colour Index uses this as a classification and naming system. Each dye is named according to the pattern: solvent + base colour + number.

These dyes are thereby specifically identified as dyes of the stated colour, and whose primary mechanism of staining is by dissolving. Note that this is a functional and colour classification. It contains no chemical information, neither does it imply that dyes with similar names but unique numbers are in any way related. It should also be noted that the classification refers to the primary mechanism of staining. Other mechanisms may also be possible, but are rare.

As a general principle, solvent dyes do not ionize. Many are azo dyes which have undergone some molecular rearrangement and lost the ability to ionize. In the process they gained the ability to dissolve in non polar materials such as triglycerides. They are commonly used to stain such materials in sections. They are frequently called lysochrome dyes. Lyso - meaning dissolve, and - chrome meaning colour.



Higher plastic colorant are most suitable for various plastic materials coloring, with greater color strength, better fastness to heat, light, acid and alkali. This range is generally used in coloring domestic plastic materials, cop tube materials, fat dyeing, lacquers, inks and master batches dyeing. Some of them are suitable for dyeing chemicals fibre, such as dacron, nylon and cellulose acetate fibre.


Hight plastic colorant are solvent dyes with good solubility and miscibility in organic solvents. This range can be used in the following materials alone as well as mixed in proportion:

• (PS) Polystrene

• (HIPS) High impace polystyrent

• (PC) Polycarbonate

• (UPVC) Rigid poly

• (PMMA) Polymethyl methacrylate

• (SAN) Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer

• (SB) Styrene-butadiene copolymer

• (AS) Acrylonitrile-stryrene copolymer

• (ABS) Scrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer

• (372) Styrene methyl acrylic acid copolymer

• (CA) Cellulose acetate

• (CP) Cellulose propylene


The dye is dissolved in plastic in molecular distribution. Before molding or preplasticizing, add dyes into plastic materials in proportion and stir thoroughly. The shade can be adjusted in demand. You can obtain transparency color in clear resin, or un-transparency color with titanium pigment. Use


• Transparency color around 0.02%-0.05%

• Un-transparency color around 0.1%


• Heat fastness:240-300°C

• Light fastness:6-7 or 7-8

• Migration resistance:3-4 or 4-5

• Colorng strength:100%±3

• Moisture:1% max

• Particular size:60 meshes(passed)

Solubility Test:

(1)Dissolve 20gm of Dye in 40ml of solvent stir Thoroughly seal the container Tightly and left over night.

(2)Stir the above Sample weight filter paper accurately before filtering the sample. Then put the residue and filter paper inside A thermostate with 50 temperature Until all the liquid evapavated.

(3)Weight the residue(X) Total weight-weight of filter paper).

• Determine the Solubility by calculation:

• 20 40 X 1000=Solubility (gm/l)


• (1)Light resistance:Used standard Blue Scale as comparsion standard

• (2)Heat Resistance:Automatic Constant Temperature Dryer at 180°C for 10 hours.

• (3)Acid Resistance:immerse in 1% H2SO4 solution for 24 hours.

• (4)Alkali Resislance:Immerse in 1% NaOH Solution for 24 hours.

• (5)Standard symbols for test: A:good B:fair C:Poor



Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing

Plastic Colorant Solvent Dye Aromatic Compounds For Carbon paper , Printing



Solvent Dyes(Plastics Dyeing)


Products C.I.No. Hue M.P.°C Fastness
Heat °C Light Migration
Solvent Yellow 16 C.I.solvent Yellow 16 Bright Greenish Yellow 153 250 4-5 3-4
Solvent Yellow 56 C.I.solvent Yellow 56 Reddish Yellow 93 200 3-4 2-3
Solvent Yellow 93 C.I.solvent Yellow 93 Yellow 185 300 7-8 5
Solvent Orange 60 C.I.solvent Orange 60 Yellowish Orange 232 300 7-8 4-5
Solvent Red 111 C.I.solvent Red 111 Red 169 280 5-6 3-4
Solvent Red 135 C.I.solvent Red 135 Yellowish Red 307 300 7-8 4-5
Solvent Red 179 C.I.solvent Red 179 Yellowish Red 250 300 8 4-5
Solvent Violet 13 C.I.solvent Violet 13 Bluish Violet 170 300 7 4-5
Solvent Blue 35 C.I.solvent Blue 35 Bright Blue 113 280 5 4
Solvent Blue 36 C.I.solvent Blue 36 Bright Blue 152 260 5 3-4
Solvent Blue 78 C.I.solvent Blue 78 Blue 289 280 5 4
Solvent Green 3 C.I.solvent Green 3 Bluish Green 220 300 7-8 4-5





Solvent Dyes (Printing, Carbon paper and Wood dyeing)


Products C.I.No. Hue M.P.°C Fastness
Heat °C Light Migration
Methyl Violet Base C.I.solvent Violet 8 Bright Bluish Violet 140 100 3 2
Methyl Violet Base C.I.solvent Violet 9 Bright Bluish Violet 140 100 3 2
Victoria Blue Base C.I.solvent Blue 4 Bright Blue 180 110 3 2
Solvent Blue BO Base C.I.solvent Blue 5 Bright Blue 190 110 3 2
Solvent Blue 38 C.I.solvent Blue 38 Bright Greenish BLue 130 160 3-4 3

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