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Poly Aluminum Chloride

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Poly Aluminum Chloride

Good Quality Poly Aluminum Chloride Sales

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: Pingguo
Brand Name: Fenghua
Model Number: PAC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 tons
Price: USD250-500 per ton
Packaging Details: 1.Solid: 25KG/woven bag with PE inner or 20KG/two-layer-PE bag. Liquid: plastic drum or flexitank.
Delivery Time: 30 days after received the deposit
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 tons per year
Detailed Product Description

Our main products

1. Water treatment chemicals

Poly aluminumferricchloride, Poly aluminum (ferric) sulfate, Corrosion inhibitors, Germicide and algicide-- Reduce the boiler water hardness, softening water, reduce the fouling and corrosion.

2.Paper Chemicals:the surface sizing agent, alkaline sizing agent and highly effective modified AKD emulsion sizing agent.

3. Casting material:Casting steel ferric alcohol-based, water-based paint, lost foam coating, brown corundum abrasive, bauxite powder, insulating feeder, insulating exothermic covering agent.

4. Adhesive:briquette adhesive, mineral powder adhesive.

5. Aluminum additives:refining agent, deslagging agent.

Poly aluminiumchloride

Poly aluminiumchlorideisnon-toxic, harmless, tasteless and water-soluble. Its appearance of white, yellow or yellow liquid or powder, resin-like solid. Its solid product is extremely hygroscopic in the air.

Chemical name:Poly aluminiumchloride(PAC)

Molecular formula:[Al2(OH)nCl6n ]m1<;;m<;;10,n<;;5

Test Method: According to national standard GB 15892-2003

Structural feature and coagulation mechanism

Poly aluminiumchlorideformed with a range of different degrees of polymerization inorganic polymers, has the best morphology distribution. Its main componentsare AI4OH24H2O24H2O127+ , is a high charge polymer chain form with Keggin structure. Its functions of high chargeneutrality and bridging have effects on colloids and particles in water, break colloids stability, make colloids and particles flocculate rapidly. Through further bridging, colloids and particles become floccules and settled. It can get rid of traces of poison and heavy metal ions with stable character.

Production of raw material used in

*Domestic high-qualityaluminiumhydroxide

*Domestic high-qualityaluminumsulfate(refinedaluminumsulfate)



Characteristics and performance ofcoagulation

1. PAC is a kind ofinorganicpolymercoagulant, withhydroxylionbridging function and polyvalent anions polymeric functional, it’s formed as a kind of high-poly water agent with high molecular weight and high charges.

2.Purified water more qualified and cost lower than using ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate and other inorganic polymer.

3.With larger throughput, flocs are formed and settled faster than ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate and other traditionalflocculant.

4.Strong adaptability to different water temperature,turbidity,alkalinity.

5.Solubility better than ferric chloride and aluminumsulfate.

6.Less aluminum and salt residues after water treatment, good for ion-exchange and high-purity-water processing equipments.


1.Purification of urban water from rivers, reservoirs, groundwater.

2.Industrial water supplier, industrial circulating water purification, well reinjection water treatment.

3.Urban waste water treatment.

4.Paper sizing.

5.Cosmetic raw material.


7.Industrial printing and dyeing, paper making ,sugar production, leather, brewing, meat processing, coal washing, metallurgy, washing, pharmaceutical and other waste water purification, such as fluorinated water, oil-bearing water and water with heavy metal.

8.Coal recovery from industrial coal washing and kaolin recovery in ceramics manufacturing.

Product coagulation mechanism:

This product is a kind of inorganic polymer flocculant. Mainly through electrical neutralization, bridging, adsorption, sediment etc mechanism function, make edema subtle aerosols and colloidal ions off firm, gathered, flocculation, coagulation, precipitation to purify the treatment effect.

It is widely used in drinking water, industrial waste water and sewage disposal areas.

Product Advantages:

1) Flocculation ability, high adsorption activity, floc formation and deposition of fast.
2) Without alkali and other additives, PH broad in scope, ease of use; for low-temperature, low turbidity, low alkalinity of the raw water is also good flocculation
3) In order to significantly reduce the stirring, mixing, precipitation, time, and to flocculation, sedimentation tanks and other small
4) In addition to iron, manganese, and can be obtained with low conductivity water
5) Equipment is simple, use easy to operate, less corrosion and better working conditions, low processing costs.

Notice the usage

In order to achieve best coagulation and economic benefits, before using this product, first must have quantitative mixing coagulation test to determine the best usage, then test its survivability.

1.In order to get accurate dosage, this product should be dissolved and diluted. Liquid agent dispensing density according to different kinds of water. Generally dispensing density will be 1-10%.

2.The specific dosage should be according to the water nature bodies and requirements of output water quality, the dosage can be referred to the following table(based on water level).

River Water(ppm)

Industrial Circulation Water(ppm)

Sanitary Waste(ppm)

Industrial Sewage(ppm)

Dry Water Period

Flood Period






3.This product is not free to mix with other water treatment agents.

4.There will be a slight exothermic phenomenon during dissolution of solid products, it doesn’t have effect on dissolution and usage.

Packaging, transportation and storage:

1.Solid: 25KG/woven bag with PE inner or 20KG/two-layer-PE bag. Liquid: plastic drum or flexitank.

2.Liquid and diluent PAC is little corrosive, it should be stored in anti-corrosion treated tanks.

3.The effective storage life of liquid is 6 months, solid PAC is 12 months. Solid PAC should be kept in a dry and ventilated place, protested from moisture in the air. I(n case being exposed to moisture, it doesn’t have effect on the using.

4.PAC should not be kept with toxic, corrosive and other kinds of chemicals.

After-sales Services:

1.We offer first-class site application of technical service and after-sales service, sincerely help the users to adjust the product to get the best treatment effects.

2.We can provide assessment and feasibility reports for treatment projects, as well as engineering commissioning of the project to debug.

3.Can be done for the customer on-site coagulation test and treatment effect was detected, and can guide water treatment equipment debugging and rational use of matching agents to provide customers with cost of processing analysis.

4.Have the special requirements of users, according to the user requirements.

Poly Aluminum Chloride

Poly Aluminum ChloridePoly Aluminum Chloride

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